MTM Events
Event Photos
Photos taken at various MTM events or other events we have been involved with. Check out how much fun members have when they get involved in our activities

View MTM's 2008 open house pictures
MTM Open House Photos
Each year MTM has an Open House for our members and the public with a lot of fun activities, exhibits and an excellent lunch!
See past Open House photos!
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Museum Photos
Get an idea of what the Museum is like, view our photos of the Museums' facilities, exhibits, vehicles, equipment and its surrounding area. As you will see we've a lot to offer!
MTM artifacts
Our Collection
Photos and short narrative of trucks, equipment and other historical items of interest which can be found here at the Museum. Our collection is mainly themed about pre war transport vehicles and the transport industry. Some of our trucks date as far back as 1910 and include some very rarely seen models.


MTM Visiting photographers
MTM Visiting Photographers
Novice and professional photographers come to MTM for its photogenic qualities. Many
of these have sent us their photos for us to share with the public. MTM welcomes photographers to our museum as long as they abide by our visitors ground rules and our personal property policies.
View photos they have in our Photo Gallery!

As an additional incentive, our site also has a special "Visitors Photo Gallery" for photographers to show their work. For more information, please contact us at: motortransportmuseum@gmail.com


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