Updated 11 / 2020


Our Written and Visual Resource for
Vintage Transport Vehicle and
Industry Documentation
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Our old library became too mall to contain our archieves

Its office space was too small to perform our work

An older but larger building twice the size was donatd to us


Through the years, the Motor Transport Museum has acquired many books, magazines and periodicals pertaining to the history, maintenance and development of trucks and the trucking industry. These recordings date as far back as the late 1800's extending to the 1980's and contain a diverse selection of subject matter. The cataloging and filing of these acquisitions are ongoing with plans to eventually have the collection saved in digital format. Our goal is to offer it as a resource for technical, historical and educational information for use in restoration and historical research of transport vehicles and their history.

Recently, the MTM library has obtained a much larger replacement building as our old library building had become too small to facillitate our archeives and was lacking the room to perform our work. We plan on reopening the libray for schedualed public use mid 2021.

All this helps with our research, cataloging, press, and archival work of which is an intricate part of the museums operation. We allow individual researchers to utilize the facility but do not lend out our materials. However, computer use and reproductions are available to researchers for a nominal price. For more information please contact us at (619) 478-2492 or email us at:

The new library is now restored and in process of occupation

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