Updated 11 / 2020

The Motor Transport Museum is usually open to the public every Saturday from 9am to 5pm and 10am to 4pm the first Sunday of each month. We also are available for personal tours by schools and clubs that are only able to visit during the week. For weekday visits, and special tour information, please call:  619 478 2492 Monday through Friday to make an appointment. For reasons of safety, we do require that all children and young adults visiting the grounds are supervised by adults and not left wandering unattended.The museum does not charge an admission fee. Rather, we have an old style overnight bank deposit vault in which visitors may deposit donations to benefit our operations. The donation depository is located inside the main building adjacent to some of our visual displays.

The Motor Transport Museum is a working museum and at various times throughout the day, members will be working on the grounds and inside the building organizing and restoring vehicles and equipment. Within the Campo area, you will also find other sites of interest such as the Railroad Museum giving train rides on the weekends and the Stone Store Museum holding information and exhibits of early pioneers of the area, as well as of the Camp Lockett Calvary encampment, home to the Buffalo Soldiers.

The Motor Transport Museum is located within the south-central portion of San Diego County, California, near the unincorporated Community of Campo. It is located approximately 50 miles east of Downtown San Diego and approximately 50-miles west of El Centro. (See Map Below) The U.S. / Mexico Border is located approximately two miles to the south, however the closest official Border Crossing is located at Tecate, approximately 15-miles to the west. Interstate 8, a major east-west route of travel, is located around ten miles to the north. Automobile travel time from San Diego is around one-hour. Campo and the Motor Transport Museum can be reached either by the use of Interstate 8 and Buckman Springs Road, or alternately the scenic State Route 94.



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